InstaVend is a smart and convenient way to buy your prepaid electricity and water with ease!


No bank account required

You don’t need to have a bank account to buy these services

Purchase Electricity & Water

Easily top up your digital instaVend Wallet to pay prepaid electricity and water

Secure card payments

Pay with debit/credit card or our secure 3D card for your own protection and security

Municipalities and private suppliers supported

Your Electricity & Water Sorted

instaVend makes the process of purchasing electricity and water quick & easy. We have incorporated our very own ‘wallet’ functionality to it’s easy for you to top up without needing a bank account!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is instaVend?

instaVend is an online platform for purchasing prepaid electricity and water for any of the listed and supported municipalities

I transferred money into one of the nominated bank accounts but my wallet never got recharged after the agreed time period

It is possible that we could not associate the reference number you used to any client account in our system and the money is sitting in our suspense account. Please email and quote the reference number used in your transfer and one of our friendly customer care consultants will assist you

I tried to process a transaction on instaVend and money was deducted but I could not my transaction completed. What will happen to my money?

If you make use of a wallet and we picked up a technical fault, we will automatically credit your wallet and let you know of the problem that may have occurred. You may try again at a later stage or contact us to assist you with this service.

Please email and one of our friendly customer care consultants will assist you

I have a balance on my wallet, can I redeem this balance for cash?

This is not possible and all funds deposited to instavend must be used to buy prepaid electricity and water for the supported municipalities

How do I Top up my instaVend wallet?

Various methods exist for topping up your instaVend wallet:

  • Make a transfer to our nominated bank accounts across FNB, Standard Bank, ABSA, Nedbank. The details are contained under the wallet recharge instructions in the app. South African ID holders must use their South African ID number as a reference and Non-South African ID holders must use their Passport Number as a reference
  • Make an instant EFT into your instaVend wallet
What fees will instaVend charge me?

instaVend is available for you to use for free, currently. Please do note that we revise our fee approach from time to time based on prevailing conditions. We will, however, inform you of any changes we make with regards to fees.

I see some charged fees on my receipt. Is InstaVend charging me to purchase my tokens

instaVend does not currently charge you for purchasing your electricity and water. The charges you see are attributed to your municipality or service provider and you may contact them directly to enquire.

Should we elect to pass a convenience in the future, this will not show on your receipt but under your wallet transactions as a convenience fee

Why is instaVend telling me that my meter is not supported?

There a multiple reasons that could cause this message to show up. The first reason could be that instaVend currently does not support your municipality but might be able to support it in the future. The second reason might be that your meter is not activated properly by your municipality or service provider. In this case, please contact your municipality or service provider.

Which meters are currently supported?

The list of supported municipalities supported by instaVend are available in the app under Account-> Supported Municipalities. This list is also available on this website under supported municipalities section

How can I check if my meter work before depositing money?

Your may try to make a purchase in the app and if you can pass step 3 in the purchase process without problems, it means that your meter is supported and you should be able to purchase on instaVend

Will there be other services available for my convenience on instaVend in the future

It is possible that instaVend may have additional services to bring convenience to you but if this happens, we will let you know first